So You’ve Been Asked To Pray


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by Dr. John B. Toay and Woody Young
This handy guide for public prayer is more than just a book of prayers to memorize.

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“This excellent introduction to successful Christian writing gives the beginner an intimate glimpse into the life of a genuine pro.” Sherwood Wirt, Author and Editor, Decision Magazine

This handy guide for public prayer is more than just a book of prayers to memorize. It is designed to help the speaker set the tone of the prayer as well as give him or her the proper thoughts. Shown before each prayer is a delightful cartoon of the positive character, Kit-Cat, to bring a smile to your face and set the mood for a lighthearted exhortation. Not only are the prayers thoughtful and unique but this self-guide is very organized and easy to use. After all, one may only have a few minutes warning before being sent “on-stage.” And it’s just the right size to fit in a brief case or purse.

Prayer is Conversation

Fun, Inspiration, And Fellowship

God’s Guarantee

Praying as Children

The Proper Perspective

Each New Day

Prayer is Always Somewhere

Free the Prisoners

Decisions Are Not Easy

Insert Foot, Wiggle Toes

Paying the Price

Teach Us True Discrimination

Prayers for Special Days

Dr. John B. Toay

Dr. John B. Toay has been a Presbyterian pastor for over thirty years serving Minnesota, Iowa, New York and California. Committed to a message that educates, entertains, informs and inspires, he has spoken at and led retreats, conferences and seminars in Canada and the United States.
Dr. Toay is an outspoken advocate for wholeness (wellness) in each person’s life, which includes a balanced integration of body, mind and spirit. His messages are filled with motivation mixed with mirth, solutions surrounded by satire. They bring enjoyment for the moment and excitement for the future because they provide practical ways that lead to the realization of dreams.
John is accepted by secular as well as church-based audiences because his message is styled uniquely to each audience and expresses very simply the spiritual principles upon which all success formulas have been developed.
He and his wife, Barbara reside in Downey, California. John is a member of Los Ranchos Presbytery and the National Speakers Association.
YES!, I would like to order “So You’ve Been Asked To Pray” for only $9.95

Woody Young

Woody Young is the creator of the licensed character Kit-Cat who was inspired by the world’s best selling animated clock, the Kit-Cat Klock, with its rolling eyes and wagging tail. Woody is the president of the California Clock Co. which manufactures and markets the Kit-Cat Klock.
Kit-Cat©, the character, has shared his smile in illustrations throughout this book as well as many others. He also shares a smile and positive thoughts with thousands of his Fan Club members from around the world. Each member is proud to uphold the Kit-Cat Creed, which says:
Put a smile on everyone’s face;
Love in everyone’s heart;
Energy in everyone’s body;
And be positive force in everyone’s life!

Woody is the author of over fifteen books. He speaks at local and national conventions and conferences on creativity, priority setting and copyright law. Woody is an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant and is a member of the National Speakers Association.


Table of Contents

  1. Prayer is Conversation
    (An opening blessing before a meal or meeting)2. An Audience With The King
    (An opening blessing, reminding us of God’s presence)
  2. Grateful Praise
    (A well know hymn prayer for 4th of July, country, patriotism)
  3. Fun, Inspiration, And Fellowship
    (Good reasons for meeting together)
  4. Our Roots In God’s Love
    (A Prayer to calm us down)
  5. God’s Guarantee
    (A reminder of God’s presence)
  6. Quiet Us
    (A prayer for encouragement)
  7. Waiting Upon God
    (A prayer for unity
  8. We’re All Different
    (A prayer for unity)
  9. Colors In Life
    (A prayer relating colors to our moods)
  10. Praying As Children
    (For a meeting that includes children or families)
  11. Mountaintop Or Valley?
    (The ways we look at life)
  12. Thank You!
    (A one-sentence prayer)
  13. Making the Ordinary Sacred
    (Gratitude for the common things in life)
  14. Facing The Grind
    (How to overcome the monotonous)
  15. The Proper Perspective
    (How to simplify our lives)
  16. Helping Humankind
    (Good for brotherhood week)
  17. Discover Exhaustless Resources
    (Teaching us how to pray)
  18. The Ridiculous And The Sublime
    (Seeking spiritual insight)
  19. Each New Day
    (Making today count)
  20. Pausing For A Moment
    (Asking for a new resolve; dedication)
  21. Lift Us
    (Teach us how to look at life)
  22. Prayer Is Always Somewhere
  23. Leaders Of Vision
    (How to make life easier)
  24. Speeding On Life’s Highway
    (How to understand life’s journey)
  25. Let Us Become Children Again
    (A prayer when families are involved)
  26. For Families
    (Family models in our day)
  27. America, Love It And Change It
    (How to understand dissent as loyalty)
  28. Free the Prisoners
    (A prayer for patriotism and freedom)30. For Peace Of Mind
    (A prayer seeking the peace of God)
  29. Listening To Jiminy Cricket
    (Prayer to hear the inner voice before action)
  30. Is It Right?
    (Prayer for right choices)
  31. Transportation That Prevents Collisions
    (Prayer on how we travel through life)
  32. Decisions Are Not Easy
    (Prayer for political groups)
  33. Thanks For Friends That Care
    (Recognizing special people in our lives)
  34. The Right Position For Prayer
    (Prayer for physical conference, YMCA)
  35. For Those Who Wear Masks
    (Prayer for mental health)
  36. Working With People
    (Prayer for installation of officers or first meeting)
  37. Those Who Are Special To Children
    (Prayer when children or families are involved)
  38. Insert Foot, Wiggle Toes
    (Teach us when to speak and what to say)
  39. Teach Us What Freedom Is
    (Patriotism and appreciating one another)
  40. When A Great Tragedy Occurs
    (Prayer for understanding how to achieve success)
  41. Paying The Price
    (Prayer for understanding how to achieve success)
  42. Teach Us That Our Live Are Important
    (A call to commitment)
  43. Making Today Count
    (The importance of now)
  44. Bifocals Of Faith
    (Prayer for insight and new vision)
  45. Our Responsibility For The Word
    (Prayer for trust; good for first meeting)
  46. The Tyranny Of Trifles
    (A prayer to set priorities)
  47. Is It Popular Or Is It Right
    (Asking for understanding before action)
  48. Teach Us True Discrimination
    (Help us to understand what is real)
  49. Playing Hide And Seek
    (Prayer for honest living)
  50. Just Repair Work
    (Prayer for handling aging)
  51. Thank You For Volunteers
    (Prayer of appreciation for those who volunteer)
  52. Riding On Tires That Need Deflating
    (Asking for a faith-lift)
  53. The Eyes Have It
    (A prayer for looks that cure)

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