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  • 8 Day with Music (Model 2015.8M)

    The ‘Winemaker’ model is another truly extraordinary piece in the Loetscher collection for two reasons.  This chalet cuckoo clock was modeled on an existing building in the Canton of Appenzell. The first element that greatly sets this one apart is the striking white-painted tower on the chalet’s left side. The three windows running up the face of the tower are adorned with flower boxes overflowing with colorful blossoms, and flanked by shutters painted a vivid red. Another feature that makes this model so exceptional is its nod to Swiss winemakers. At center stage you’ll find a winemaker carrying a sack of freshly picked grapes, as well as a couple of elegant snow-white geese sunning themselves in the grass.

  • 8 Day with Music (Model 2016.8M)

    With all the cheer of the season on Loetscher’s minds, they felt inspired to create their first-ever tribute to Santa. Loetscher is very proud to introduce this spectacular, snow-blanketed Swiss chalet cuckoo clock. Loetscher’s beloved Santa takes center stage on this beautiful cuckoo clock, driving a sleigh overflowing with Christmas gifts!

  • 1 Day with Music (Model 2108M)

    This is Loetscher’s classic Heidi cuckoo clock.  This model features four rosy-cheeked musicians from the Appenzell region of Switzerland, clothed in traditional costumes and playing traditional instruments.  Loetscher’s cuckoo bird calls out on the hour, after which one of two delightful tunes plays alternatively, sending our dancers waltzing across the balcony and our musicians swaying in time with the music.

  • 8 Day with Music (Model 2017.8M)

    Loetscher’s newly designed cuckoo clock “Heidi’s Farm House” is packed with fun details! The red-roofed multi-story chalet has two beautiful small huts on both the right and the left side. These 3 story huts house different farm animals such as chickens, geese and dogs. It is an endlessly amusing chalet originally designed and created by Loetscher, genuine Swiss cuckoo clock maker.

  • 8 Day with Music (Model 2914.8M)

    Alpine descent is the authentic Swiss tradition which is celebrated in autumn all over Switzerland. When the season turns to autumn, cows adorned with flowers and ribbons descend from the Alpine pastures after spending the summer months. They are
    accompanied by the traditionally dressed farmers and their cowherds, ringing the iconic cowbells all the way down to the valley. This exquisitely crafted clock has the familiar Swiss chalet-style veranda, as well as a staircase leading to the lawn below. On the left
    side of the chalet, stands a beautifully hand-colored cow with a large cow bell and flowers around its neck. Off to the right side of the scene you’ll find a long fountain well.

  • 8 Day with Music (Model 2912.8M)

    Barry, the St. Bernard dog, takes center stage on this magnificent chalet cuckoo clock.  When music announces the hour, the turntable inside the small hut begins to rotate, creating the charming impression that the puppies are chasing one another.  One of the most distinctive features of this piece is the Brienz-style roof that’s carved from a single piece of wood.

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