Large Clocks Class I

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  • Introducing the Jolly Giant: 6-Foot Inflatable Kit-Cat Klock for Your Merriest Christmas Yet!

    🎅 Ho-Ho-Huge Size: At 6 feet tall, this colossal Kit-Cat Klock is the ultimate Christmas centerpiece.
    🕰️ Iconic Kit-Cat Style: Kit-Cat’s timeless charm and moving tail make a big impression.
    🎄 Santa’s Little Helper: Kit-Cat wears a festive Santa hat and features a rotating laser light show.
    🪄 Easy Set-Up: Quick inflation and simple yard placement with standard electrical power.
    🪅 Neighborhood Marvel: Your neighbors won’t be able to resist this enchanting spectacle.
    🌟 Durable and Weather-Resistant: Built to withstand the elements for years of holiday cheer.
    🎁 Perfect Gift: Surprise loved ones with this show-stopping dose of holiday joy.
    🎅 Santa’s Choice: Even Santa himself is considering one of these for his workshop!

    Make your Christmas unforgettable with our 6-foot Inflatable Kit-Cat Klock. Order yours today, and let the festivities begin!

  • Quartz (Model 9902Q)

    These miniature battery powered clocks are sure to spark a smile.   There is a beautiful recording of a cuckoo bird (no cuckoo bird appears).  

  • Quartz (Model 9510Q)

    In the west-central part of Switzerland in the canton of Bern is a valley known as the Emmental, a dreamy, hilly landscape dotted with wooden bridges, cheese dairies, castles and idyllic farms. Loetscher’s “Edelweiss Chalet” clock pays tribute to this beloved region with its finely crafted rendering of a typical Emmental-style chalet. The region is also famous for its woodcarving craftsmen, two of whom you’ll find represented here on either side of the chalet’s edifice.

  • Quartz (Model 9006Q)

    In early summer, Swiss beekeepers living in the mountains surrounding Lake Brienz reap the benefits of alpine wildflowers from which they obtain Swiss mountain honey. Tending beehives is a vital tradition that has been practiced in the Swiss Alps for countless generations. This delightful clock portrays a scene where Barry, the St. Bernard dog, stands guard before a typical Brienz chalet.

  • Quartz (Model 9512Q)

    Loetscher once again salutes the most dearly loved fictional character in the history of Swiss literature: Heidi! Barry, the Saint Bernard dog, and a snuggly little puppy stand guard in front of the chalet. And, of course, as with all Loetscher chalet cuckoo clocks, the flowers and boulders sprinkled throughout the scene are gathered and crafted from sand found from the banks of Lake Brienz.

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