Warranty Registration

To ensure lasting quality, we test run each clock individually. Before the clock is boxed, we go to extensive measures to make sure it is without manufacturing and workmanship defects. Your Kit-Cat® is unconditionally guaranteed for one year against all manufacturing defects, BUT NOT AGAINST BREAKAGE OR MISUSE.  The Warranty is VOID if sold by an unauthorized dealer.

Click here to find a list of all authorized dealer local stores

Click here to find all authorized online dealers.

Returns, exchanges and refunds, other than warranty related issues, are subject to our 30 day money back guarantee policy.

In the event your clock requires adjustment, or repairs contact [email protected].  We will ask you to pay for the cost of two-way shipping cost via a simple form, then we will send you a new clock with a return label for the old one.

Fill out the Guarantee and Warranty form in full below to register your clock. Retain your card for your records. We suggest you tape your guarantee card to the back of the clock for easy reference.

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