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  • 1 Day no Music (Model 2696)

    This marvelous chalet cuckoo clock pays tribute to the goat’s wild cousin, the ibex, who prefers the more vertical, rugged terrain above the snow line. Male ibex are famous for their imposing, backward-curling horns. In the scene presented here, we see two male ibex facing each other. Are they going to lock horns? Quite the contrary. Upon hearing the happy sound of our cuckoo bird, the ibex leap into the air gleefully!

  • 1 Day no Music (Model 2975)

    Switzerland is known for its spectacular variety of native flowers that seem to thrive in the crisp mountain air. This chalet cuckoo clock is bursting with these colorful, vibrant Alpine flowers, a source of pride and joy for the region’s residents. In the center of the scene you’ll find a handsome, huggable mountain dog standing next to three Lake Brienz-sourced stones serving as decorative boulders.

  • 1 Day no Music (Model 2797)

    It is almost impossible to think about Switzerland without certain iconic images coming to mind: powdery snow, majestic peaks, rosy-cheeked skiers swooshing down endless slopes, and of course, the traditional ski chalet. With this cuckoo clock, Loetscher pays homage to a sport long loved in this country, a passion that is handed down from generation to generation.

  • 1 Day no Music (Model 2213)

    This Emmental-style chalet cuckoo clock is quite animated and playful. The centerpiece is a seesaw situated just above the face of the clock with two giddy children, a little boy and girl, on either end. The seesaw tilts up and down in rhythm with the clock’s ticking and the swing of the pendulum, infusing the whole scene with a cheerful, lighthearted mood. A large black-and-white dairy cow with big round eyes occupies the left side of the scene across from a proud ibex on the right. Two milk canisters, hand-carved from linden wood, sit on the grass near our cow.

    After our cuckoo bird announces the hour with his song, our ibex leaps joyfully into the air and our cow to nod his head contentedly. Finally, a chimney sweep’s head pops up from the chimney with every call of our cuckoo. It’s a lively day at the Seesaw Chalet!

  • 1 Day with Music (Model 2119M)

    If your desire is to own a Loetscher clock that really stands out of from the rest, this Emmental-style chalet cuckoo clock offers a stylistic departure with its snow-colored facade. Decorative curved wooden beams adorn the front of the house, their dark brown color providing a lovely counterpoint to the white of the edifice, as do the red wooden window shutters.

  • 1 Day with Music (Model 754M)

    This enchanting chalet cuckoo clock gets its name from the two bright yellow birds carved into the chalet’s gable. To the left side of the scene you’ll find two curious little goats tucked away into a snug stable. When a tune plays on the half hour, the playful goats move up and down to the music, giving the delightful impression they’re dancing. At the same time, figurines on the balcony twirl upon hearing the music.

  • 1 Day with Music (Model 978M)

    This clock charms with several lovingly crafted features, including a rotating waterwheel and steps leading to a corner veranda adorned with delicately detailed flowers. And, of course, there’s our best friend Barry standing at the front of the chalet, bookended by two very kissable Saint Bernard puppies.

  • 1 Day with Music (Model 998M)

    This lively cuckoo clock presents a cheerful, activity-filled day at the chalet. At the center of the scene you’ll find a strikingly handsome, exquisitely detailed black cat eyeing two little mischievous mice in the cellar. After the cuckoo calls, all these delightful features go into motion while one of two tunes plays alternately. It’s a highly entertaining, show-stopping scene every time!

  • 8 Day with Music (Model 995.8M)

    Loetscher celebrates the widely admired, hard-working Swiss miller with this one-of-a-kind chalet cuckoo clock. The scene depicted in this distinctive model is that of a miller hunched over, hauling a heavy bag of flour on his back. His apron is stained brown, bearing the accumulation of years of working with this precious grain.

  • 1 Day with Music (Model 2998M)

    This very special, limited edition Loetscher cuckoo clock depicts a classic Swiss farm scene. At the center of it all, standing behind his wheelbarrow, is our busy but genial farmer. This picturesque pastoral scene has three moving elements: the dancers on the balcony, the water wheel and the pile of hay in front of the cow.

  • 1 Day with Music (Model 2208M)

    This is our classic Heidi cuckoo clock. This model features four rosy-cheeked Swiss musicians, clothed in traditional costumes and playing traditional instruments. Our cuckoo bird calls out on the hour, after which one of two delightful tunes plays alternately, sending our dancers waltzing across the balcony and our musicians swaying in time with the music.

  • 1 Day with Music (Model 2108M)

    This is Loetscher’s classic Heidi cuckoo clock.  This model features four rosy-cheeked musicians from the Appenzell region of Switzerland, clothed in traditional costumes and playing traditional instruments.  Loetscher’s cuckoo bird calls out on the hour, after which one of two delightful tunes plays alternatively, sending our dancers waltzing across the balcony and our musicians swaying in time with the music.

  • 8 Day with Music (Model 2017.8M)

    Loetscher’s newly designed cuckoo clock “Heidi’s Farm House” is packed with fun details! The red-roofed multi-story chalet has two beautiful small huts on both the right and the left side. These 3 story huts house different farm animals such as chickens, geese and dogs. It is an endlessly amusing chalet originally designed and created by Loetscher, genuine Swiss cuckoo clock maker.

  • 8 Day with Music (Model 2914.8M)

    Alpine descent is the authentic Swiss tradition which is celebrated in autumn all over Switzerland. When the season turns to autumn, cows adorned with flowers and ribbons descend from the Alpine pastures after spending the summer months. They are
    accompanied by the traditionally dressed farmers and their cowherds, ringing the iconic cowbells all the way down to the valley. This exquisitely crafted clock has the familiar Swiss chalet-style veranda, as well as a staircase leading to the lawn below. On the left
    side of the chalet, stands a beautifully hand-colored cow with a large cow bell and flowers around its neck. Off to the right side of the scene you’ll find a long fountain well.

  • Teach children how to read an Analog Clock with Kit-Cat! This digital download comes with the ebook, printable pages for practicing, and access to the 1 hour original Retro Kit-Cat Audio Cassette – now digitized.

    Clockwise was originally published in 1985 to make learning to tell time fun. Now in anticipation of Kit-Cat’s 85th birthday, we’re bringing Clockwise back. Enjoy!

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