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For the full and latest image library, please visit here (kit-cat.com/dropbox) to choose from our Dropbox cloud image and document database.  Its easy to download and find what you need.

Click on the below links to see a preview of the available files.  After clicking on the link, right click on the image and select “save image as” to download the full file.  For a PDF, select “save as” after you’ve opened the document.  If any image that you require is not available or you require print ready high rez images please contact us directly at [email protected]

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Current Catalogs
1 Collegiate Collection
2 Inspire America Clocks
1 Required MAP Agreement and Contact Us Form
2 Credit Application
3 Dealer Kit
4 Kit-Cat History (version 2)
5 Wholesale Price Sheet
5 Kit-Cat Line Sheet and Company Overview
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1 80th Horizontal Banner
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6 Kit-Cat Box
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Pop Culture
1 Kit-Cat Roadster and Trailer
2 Back to the Future
3 Comedy Central’s Workaholics
4 Subway Commercial
5 The Muppets
6 Cats and Dogs
6 Fontainebleau Hotel Pool in Miami, built 1955
7 Click here for many more images
Available Products
SKU # Color Price
BC-1 Classic Black (UPC) $25
LBC-1 Classic Black Lady (UPC) $30
LBC-12 White Lady (UPC) $30
BC-29 Seashell Cream (UPC) $30
LBC-30 Honeysuckle Pink Lady (UPC) $30
BC-31 Rose Float (UPC) $30
BC-31GD Game Day Red (UPC) $30
BC-32 Sapphire Blue (UPC) $30
BC-32GD Game Day Blue (UPC) $30
LBC-33 Tangerine Tango Lady (UPC) $30
BC-33GD Game Day Orange (UPC) $30
BC-34 Hunter Green (UPC) $30
BC-34GD Game Day Green (UPC) $30
LBC-35 Emerald Green Lady (UPC) $30
BC-36 Burgundy (UPC) $30
LBC-37 Radiant Orchid Lady Lady (UPC) $30
BC76W White Spirit of 76 (UPC) $35
Kitty Cat Clocks (3/4) size
KC-1 Black Kitty-Cat (UPC) $20
MKC-2 Pink Miss Kitty-Cat (UPC) $25
Seasonal Clocks
BC-33AS Autumn Splendor UPC) $30
BC-12CR Candy Cane Red UPC) $30
BC-12CG Candy Cane Green UPC) $30
Kit-Cat Accessories $10
STB-1 Kit-Cat Stand (UPC) $10
STK-2 Kitty Cat Stand (UPC) $10
WC12-S 12″ Round Smile Clock (UPC) $12.50
GC-S Greeting Cards (UPC) $1.50
Retired Clocks
KC-3 Baby Blue Kitty-Cat (UPC) $25
BC-75 75th Anniversary Black (out of stock) (UPC) $35
LBC-22 Turquoise Lady (out of stock) (UPC) $30
LBC-27 Lime Green Lady (out of stock) (UPC) $30
LBC-28 Wisteria Lady (out of stock) (UPC) $30
BC-34BT Game Day Formal (UPC) $30