Every single Exotic Pet Kit-Cat is unique.  Exotic Pet Kit-Cats are dipped in premium hydrographic patterns resulting in slightly different markings with every clock. Each clock becomes one of a kind.

Hydrographic Dipping Process

From Los Angeles to the Ozark Mountains and back, each Exotic Pet Kit-Cat Klock goes through an extensive process to become truly one of a kind.  When a dozen Kit-Cat Klocks are dipped to be orange Bengal Tigers, each of those dozen will have unique markings. For the first time in Kit-Cat's 85+ year history, we're now able to create Bengal Tigers, White Tigers, Leopards, and Snow Leopards, Carbon Fiber, Camouflage, and many more fantastic varieties of our beloved clocks.

Adopt your Exotic Pet 

Each Exotic Pet Kit-Cat Klock comes with instructions on the fun process to officially name and download an adoption certificate for your one of a kind Kit-Cat Klock.  Naming a pet makes him a more special part of the family!  In addition, adopting your Exotic Kit-Cat qualifies you to receive a unique Lifetime Membership Card for the Kit-Cat Fan club ($9.99 value)

A Donation with every Clock Adoption

When you adopt an Exotic Pet into your family, you get the option to choose an organization from our list of worthwhile causes.  Organizations include everything from the Big Cat Rescue and The Humane Society to Portraits of Hope.  Each organization receives at least a $1 donation from California Clock Co. each time they're selected during this adoption process, as well as in many cases additional donations like gifts of Kit-Cat Klocks and other marketing benefits.   Each Clock Adoption is for a cause that we believe in, that we want to support, and that we want our fans to learn more about.   Some of our favorite charities:


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