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A Classic since 1932

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An indelible part of American history

Kit-Cat Klocks, with their happy and catchy look, have been an indelible part of American history for over 80 years. We're committed to keeping this part of Americana alive by preserving the same look that's lasted since the 1950s. And, as always, Kit-Cat Klocks are made in America to ensure their authenticity and value as an iconic piece of American culture that'll brighten up any space with their contagious smile.

Classic Black

Kit-Cat Klock

Post it - Size 15.5 inches
  • Original Size Kit-Cat Klock 
  • Featuring the famous rolling eyes, wagging tail, and contagious smile
  • Proudly Made in America by the original manufacturer
  • Runs on 2C batteries, not included
  • His iconic design hasn’t changed since a bow tie was added in the 1950s.



Clocking Around


This clock is an American Classic!!! If you have a cat lover — I highly recommend this item as a gift!!!


Retro and awesome, made the best Christmas gift


I bought this clock as a Christmas gift for my daughter. It is great quality, and my daughter loved it. I would buy again.


I just replaced my Kit Kat clock after many years. The new one is working beautifully!


Cute retro clock. I recieved this as a gift last Christmas and am giving one as a gift this year. The box seems small but with the tail on, it lengthens the whole thing and to me is the appropriate size for a kitchen clock. I replaced battery 1x in a year.

Wise Woman

This was a gift for my brother recovering from cancer. Brought A Big Smile To His Face From Times Past!


Purchased in 2013. Still working fine. I bought this clock a decade ago for my mom’s kitchen and it is working just fine. She’s really happy with it.


Big piece of nostalgia for me. Overall, it seems to be really well made and I love it. My wife bought this as a gift for me because I always talked about the clock my grandparents had who passed when I was 12. I’m not sure how she did it, but this clock seems to be exactly like the one they had…. It seems smaller slightly, that that’s probably because I’m not a child anymore.


“AHHHH!!!! I Love It! We have a house that was built in 1949 and I’ve never been one to try to make something into something it isn’t. That is to “”Upgrade”” this house with modern furniture and accessories would be wrong. Remembering the Kit-Cat in my Aunt’s house and the chrome dining room table, I had to find this guy. Of course starting on Ebay I found the clock quickly, and realized they are still being made here in the States! I ordered one straight away and when it arrived (And after reading the directions to put him into operation) He was hanging on the wall swinging his tail and having a look around. And odd feature of the Kit-Cat is on occasion we’ve had earthquakes here in Virginia (I’ve had Kit-Cat for almost two years) not to monster rumblers that the West Coast sees, but earthquakes none the less. Anyway, when one happens, Kit-Cat’s tail and eyes stop moving! Creepy I Know! But a quick look onto the USGS website confirms a nearby earthquake! A bump of his tail and he starts wagging again.
Battery life is good with the tail movement, you will get about eight months.”


It’s fantastic! Worth the price. A classic for good reason. Nice size. Great color. Even the packaging is cool. It’s making it fun for my 5 year old to learn to tell time. Highly recommended. And it provides that very subtle ticking sound which is nice background noise in a house.


Love this I always wanted one. My Grandma had one and this reminds me of her ❤️❤️ Works great going to get another one for my daughter. Highly recommend


A surprisingly wonderful gift. This is what my wife wanted for her 70th birthday. Apparently, she has wanted one of these for years and years. When it arrived, you’d have thought I bought her a horse (also something she’s wanted for years and years).


Amazing gift. OK this clock will make anyone happy.


A classic! Great looks, American made


So cool! I’m obsessed with my clock. It is so awesome. I don’t know what took me so long to purchase it. I’ve wanted one for so long. It’s works great.


Timeless Timepiece. Just like I remember, except this one is brand new! Still made in the USA by the same company who always made them, which is nice. They’re not cheap, but you can’t find them used in working order, so it seems like everyone who bought one keeps it


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