The Exclusive Member Area

Thank you for signing up and being an exclusive member of the Kit-Cat Smile Ambassador Club family. We are excited that you have taken the next steps in your clubs journey to make a positive impact on others and your community. At Smile Ambassador Club we take pride in having some of the best fans and club members in the world. We are helping communities around the country one club at a time and we are continuing to grow by the daily. We can't wait to see you all and how you can impact your community in a better way. 

Now that you have started here are the next steps to beginning your club. Whatever works with your local group you can do group meetings with your members and come together as a community and figure out ways to bring smile and laughter to others while also impacting and help clean up your local communities. Along the way we will send out monthly updates on fun ideas for your club meetings and how to continue to grow as a club. We encourage that you email and send pictures to us so we can show other clubs around the world how you are impacting your amazing local communities. At Kit-Cat Smile Ambassador Club everyone is welcomed to join and become a member in your community. 

In Kit-Cat Smile Ambassador Club everyone is family in our community and everyone is treated the same with love, smile, and laughter. We believe that every idea to help others is a good idea and every person has the power to help grow the club while also impacting the community and people around them at all times. We look forward for you all to be apart of this journey and welcome to the family!

This Week's Update:

This week in all of the clubs we would like for you to start the kick-off club meeting. In this meeting you will gather people and bring them together to grow as a group and Kit-Cat family. Together you will all get to know each other and play fun games along the way to grow the community together. We would love for every member to bring fun and exciting ideas to figure out the first project into how to help your community. It could be help painting an old building or even walking around and just being positive and bring smiles to people around the community. We can't wait to see what you can do to help grow your community and club. Please email us pictures or even fun ideas we can post so other clubs can have some fun ideas to help grow there clubs around the country.

Membership Levels

Bronze Level: 

At the Bronze level, members will be recognized for their dedication to the club and creative contributions. They will be able to have access to exclusive merchandise and other bronze level awards.

Silver Level: 

Once our members reach the silver level, they will have more access to exclusive deals and opportunities because of their commitment and high level performance through club activities and meetings. 

Gold Level:

The Gold level is not only the level in which one can acquire the most rewards, but it is an opportunity for experienced Smile Club members to mentor and lead others who are new to joining the club.  

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